Typically, there are two common types of address lookup used on the internet: 

  1. User enters a postcode, presses a button, and the website retrieves a list of addresses associated with that postcode. The user chooses one of them, and the web form fills the form automatically.
  2. The user enters their postcode, along with a house/flat number and presses Search. The service then finds the best match(es) for that search and shows the user a list to choose from. The user picks one and the website automatically fills the form

Our service works in a similar fashion, with a few improvements:

  • Addressian automatically determines if the user has entered a postcode to get a list to choose from, or just typing their address naturally e.g. “45a sealey drive”. As a developer you would only use one API for both.
  • Our servers are fast. We user Amazon AWS servers and continually add resources to them, or buy more servers, and we do this proportionally to the number of customers and their volume.
  • Our prices are unbeatable! We give you 20,000 api calls a month, so you don’t have to worry about your quota. Use it to implement a search-as-you-type address finder in your online forms, and benefit from an improved conversion rate when customers are able to find their address with only a few characters. There are very few websites who actually offer this type of address entering.

We are extremely fast in searching 32 million UK addresses. We are even extremely faster when you just want to retrieve a list of addresses from a postcode.

Give Addressian a go. The free trial (activated in only 5 minutes) is more than enough to have a play around and use it to integrate an address finding system with your website forms.

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